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CSE Conducts Successfully Its Roundtable on SROI and its Effect on Today’s Market

December 11, 2013
CSE Conducts Successfully Its Roundtable on SROI and its Effect on Today’s Market

Athens, December, 2014

Being its basic scope to keep up with its groundbreaking actions in order to deliver correct and substantial information on Corporate and Social Responsibility issues, CSE conducted with great success yesterday, on December 3rd, at Divani Caravel hotel a Roundtable posing a critical question:

‘How can we measure the social effect of CSR strategies?

This is an issue that concerns nowadays a vast majority of corporations that wish to plan strategies and suggest solutions, which truly cater for society’s needs, giving thus added value not only to the society but also to the corporation themselves.
During the Roundtable emphasis was placed upon the challenges, which corporations confront as regards the investments in CSR actions and programs as well as upon the use of tools and international strategies like SROI, which could form the framework that measures Society coherent value.

Nikos Avlonas, CEO of CSE stated: ‘In a country like Greece, which is gradually recovering from recession, every contribution through corporate responsibility initiatives is of utmost importance not only for society but also for the survival of each and every corporation. Coherent value measurement of every social action managed with international standards will fundamentally contribute not only to  society, but also to the corporations themselves and Non- Profit Organizations, which will make their benefits more transparent.’
The event was honored by Corporate and Social Responsibility and Communication members by corporations that have developed CSE strategies and represent a wide range of business sectors. Let us not forget the co-ordinator, who was Nikos Avlonas.

The Roundtable received essential contribution by our Speakers, Mrs. Lena Mamidaki, Director of Marketing, Communications, CSR at Mamidoil Jetoil S.A. , Mrs. Nektaria Mitrakou, Director of Corporate Reputation at Coca- Cola Hellas and Mr. Filistor Destempasidis Head Communications & CSR at Novartis; through their presentations about their own corporate best practices, they promoted and reinforced the principles of sustainable development and corporate and social responsibility.

We wholeheartedly thank our Speakers as well as all the participants, who honored us with their valuable presence and their contribution that led to the creation of a constructive dialogue.

CSE successfully completes its 8th year of responsible processes in Greece, from where it began in 2005. CSE is the leading coaching and consulting organization which is specialized in CSR issues. Having its long-time experience over CSR issues as its competitive advantage, CSE has supported and realized groundbreaking actions regarding corporate responsibility and also planned strategies that reinforce innovation and responsible business both on a national and international level as well.

Today, CSE’s presence has expanded in 25 countries and three continents and includes in its portfolio more than 100 clients among of which is also the European Investment Bank.
( ΕΙΒ ),Dubai Government , Εurochamber  of Commerce και Fortune 500, Lloyds banking group, Coca Cola, Walmart, ABM, LCI. Lincoln Financial Group.

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