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CSE celebrates 10 years of making a global impact in Sustainability and CSR!

February 23, 2016
CSE celebrates 10 years of making a global impact in Sustainability and CSR!

CSE celebrates 10 years of global Leadership in Professional Education and Specialized Advisory services for Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility! In these 10 years, the CSE has created a new sector and thousands of new companies and jobs in the field!

As the story goes, the CSE has provided accredited training programs to more than 5,000 Sustainability and CSR Executives from Fortune 500 companies and has a striking portfolio of more than 100 clients, such as NASA, the Government of Dubai, the European Investment Bank (EIB), Εurochamber of Commerce, Coca Cola, Lloyds banking group, ABM, Blackberry, Νestle, UnderArmour, Pfizer, ADNOC Group.

With a steady focus on innovation, the CSE was among the 3 first companies worldwide to provide executive training programs and consulting services in this field, while in 2005 it created in Europe the first Accredited Educational Program for Corporate Social Responsibility which later expanded to North America, the Middle East and Asia.

What makes the CSE really proud, though, is that it has contributed significantly to the creation of thousands of new Sustainability and CSR related positions globally, having an impact on companies to make them aware of the need for this new sustainability job position for their own future.

The global new trend that CSE has created has led more and more organizations integrating into their business strategies sustainability practices that will enable them to build and sustain a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with the society they operate in, with the environment and their employees.

At present, the CSE is a recognized leader in the field, currently active in 4 continents and more than 30 countries through a network of high qualified Sustainability experts.

Its next milestone is to establish its Sustainability Academy as the leading source of information and education on Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility issues globally.

We would like to sincerely thank our strategic partners, clients and affiliates for their trust and will continue our innovative efforts to build a strong Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility culture worldwide.

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