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COP26 could take Climate Finance and ESG investing to the next level: How Corporate Community can rise to the challenge

October 14, 2021
COP26 could take Climate Finance and ESG investing to the next level: How Corporate Community can rise to the challenge

By CSE Research Team


Investors have recognized the significance of COP26, and its outcome will structure their actions and develop consensus on the best practices. Therefore, understanding climate finance is key and early movers will benefit the most out of the new business opportunities that arise. Around 70% of the world economy is now covered by net zero targets, meaning the world is moving towards a low carbon future.


This mitigation affects governments, organizations, businesses, and individuals because securing a brighter future means that all stakeholders ought to act on economic and societal transformation.


If you want to


  • understand the new regulatory landscape regarding climate risk and low-carbon economies
  • lead the business case of sustainability
  • address diverse investor concerns and incentives
  • integrate ESG criteria into strategic goals and company reporting
  • tackle important social issues following the Covid-19 pandemic
  • create value through identifying future business opportunities
  • build confidence and long-term economic growth
  • reach global sustainability goals while delivering a rate of return that meets the expectations of investors


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