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Companies are clamoring for ESG skilled talent

August 30, 2022
Companies are clamoring for ESG skilled talent

According to a recent study by NTUC LearningHub, 7 in 10 company recruiters are seeking to hire experienced professionals for sustainability related initiatives.

Although NTUC’s survey was conducted over 200 business leaders across different industries in Singapore, its results echoes the current situation faced by companies in EU, U.S.A. and India.

By CSE Research Team


The European Union first made sustainability and ESG professionals a top priority with its Sustainable Finance Action Plan, a ten-point programme first laid out in 2018, continuing with its new legislation (Taxonomy, SFDR etc). Furthermore, in United States the 2020 CFA Institute report has identified a mismatch of skills between ESG needs and workers in the finance sector. And as has been noted, after India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledging that the country will reach net-zero emissions by 2070, companies are looking fiercely to hire senior talent to drive their ESG agenda.


3 top skills for Sustainability

As the NTUC’s survey points out, three are the top skills related to sustainability, that employers confirm would be useful for their organizations: first comes with 44% the environment and social governance, followed by carbon footprint management with 40% and sustainable business strategies with 39%.


Organizations must embed their sustainability strategy into their broader growth strategy in order to succeed

Concurrently, in order to implement this approach successfully, they need to determine whether they have the right leaders with the right qualifications in place to drive this change. And since each organization has its specific needs and priorities, the search for the right talent becomes even more challenging.


The Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) for more that 16 years innovates in sustainability training and consulting, offering the most affordable specialized certified online courses through the globally awarded Sustainability Academy. Fortune 500 companies trust Sustainability Academy courses to educate their staff and reach communities with targeted sustainability interests such as supply chain, NGOs and startups.

More than 8,000 executives from leading organizations including Google, NASA, Coca-Cola, Timberland, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, L’Oréal, ExxonMobil, Hartford, T–Mobile, Procter & Gamble, and Macy’s have been certified in the field of Sustainability ESG by the Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE).


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