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Climate Change 2021: An ecosystem and human crisis just ahead

August 10, 2021
Climate Change 2021: An ecosystem and human crisis just ahead

This should not be another blog expressing the dreadful consequences of climate change. Right now humanity in its whole is witnessing live, the disruption due to dramatically high temperatures that are only meant to keep rising. While scientists have warned that global warming would cause unheard-of events over time, this year’s highest 47.9 C ever recorded temperature in Canada since Saskatchewan in 1937, the persistent heat dome and the ensuing wildfires that burn across the country, disclose that it is all happening in the present.

According to David Phillips, senior climatologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada “it is extreme, it is unhealthy, it is historically unprecedented and it’s not going away.”

On Monday, the world was told by the United Nations panel on climate change that global warming is basically spiraling out of control. More specifically, report from the scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) summed up in the most reassuring and strong language that human and industrial activity is unequivocally accountable for warming the atmosphere, ocean and land.


What’s next for our ecosystem and humanity

According to the IPCC report what takes place now in terms of extreme weather events is happening at 1.1 degrees Celsius of warming meaning that the threshold of 1.5 is nearby and so our planet’s well-being as well as humans’ health is towards a fatal direction. Extended droughts, and direful flooding are next to follow, putting in extreme risk not only humans’ physical, but also their mental health. Canada’s ecosystem is changing accordingly as climate change is in charge of and ultimately affecting the existence of species. If species are extinct next thing is facing a total collapse. The existence of species is incredibly dependent for our survival, on the natural environment and ecosystem according to Dale Marshall, national climate program manager for Environmental Defense.

As governments globally react to the alarming facts, no profound ways to fix our way out or reverse the situation are nowhere around rather than put in action what actually works such as cutting off carbon emissions and transitioning away from fossil fuels to buy some time. Additionally, countries’ infrastructure, policies and strategies need to adapt and be reinforced to prevent the inevitable.

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