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Water Revolution Foundation

Water Revolution Foundation is the first independent, international, science-driven, non-profit organisation started from within the superyacht industry, that aims to neutralise our ecological footprint and takes action to preserve the world's precious oceans. Water Revolution Foundation carries out activities focused on three pillars, chosen for their ability to make a significant impact and deliver value to the superyacht industry and its natural environment: Technology, Policy, and Reinvest in Ocean Conservation.
Water Revolution Foundation

The Challenge

The superyacht industry, and all the companies associated with it, need to approach sustainability in a holistic and comprehensive manner. To do that, they need to understand the main concepts and requirements (market-based and regulatory), as well as the key sustainability topics related to their activities and operations. They also need to understand and establish key performance indicators that associate with these topics, in order to monitor performance and set goals. All these will lead to the creation of sustainability strategies and sustainability reports.

The Solution

The Center for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) in cooperation with Water Revolution Foundation (WRF) developed the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines to inform companies in the yachting industry about which information and data they need to collect to get an overview of their current sustainability performance, as well as create sustainability reports that are in-compliance with European legislation (NFRD, CSRD). The Guidelines also assist companies understand how their initiatives and performance are related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

CSE also developed a specialized course on Sustainability focused on Superyacht industry and its supply chain  and in collaboration with WRF had certified over 150 professionals of the industry from Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.

Following our successful joint Sustainability-in-practice training course we continuously provide to land-based yachting professionals, Water Revolution Foundation and CSE now launch a set of guidelines to help the yachting sector get started with internal sustainability reporting. These directly serve those who completed the course, but also prepare many of their companies that will face non-financial reporting obligations in the near future”. Robert van Tol, Executive Director, Water Revolution Foundation (WRF)

The Benefits

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Preparation for sustainability reporting and regulatory compliance

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Connection with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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Creation of internal monitoring systems, sustainability strategies, and goals

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Online tool that allows professionals to receive feedback on their status in the preparation for official reporting

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