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State of Illinois Treasury Office

The Treasury Office of the State of Illinois is responsible for the safekeeping and investment of the monies and securities deposited in the public funds of Illinois. The Treasurer is not the state’s Chief Fiscal Officer, a post reserved for a separate elected official.
State of Illinois Treasury Office

The Challenge

The Treasury Office of the State of Illinois, understanding the need for action to prevent climate change, takes a step further and calculates the Greenhouse Gas emissions occurring from its operations.

The Solution

CSE performed the calculations for all the operations of the State of Illinois Treasury Office. The calculations were performed for the buildings operated by the State of Illinois Treasury Office in Springfield, Illinois (Myers Building and Illinois Business Center). In order to calculate the Carbon Footprint of the operations, CSE used relevant international standards including the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and collected information about the business travel of the employees with company vehicles, the electricity consumption of the buildings, commuter transport, business flights, and paper consumption. Based on the project’s findings, CSE suggested actions to minimize GHG emissions, which in turn resulted in greater utility savings due to less energy consumption.

The Benefits

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Identification of the most energy consuming sources

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Minimize emissions and utility costs

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