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Electra Hotels and Resorts – ESG Strategy

Electra Hotels is a premium collection of luxury hotels in Greece inspired by the world famous Greek hospitality to which we have given our signature twist. Electra Hotels represent some of the best hotels in Greece and promise one unforgettable stay experience after another in the country's top locations.
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The Challenge

Electra Hotels and Resorts wanted to initiate a new ESG Strategy and fully integrate ESG into Policy & Report.

The Solution

CSE supported the company  to determine best practices through a sector benchmarking and this was used as an input for creating and monitoring an advanced Sustainability Plan to be integrated into company operations.

The Benefits

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Established a Plan for ESG using existing and upcoming trends

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Suggested initiatives and goals for maximizing stakeholder value and compliance with international sustainability standards

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Creating a scorecard with KPIs for measuring their future progress on ESG

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Future actions on Sustainability Planning

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