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Providing more than an automated material handling system, Dematic leverages the data and technologies within your fulfilment centres to help measure your progress and improve your operations on a sustainable basis that strengthens the entire supply chain while providing you a competitive advantage. With over 75 years in the business and over 40-percent of the world’s retail orders fulfilled via Dematic systems, we have the technical foundation and internal processes to take your operations to the next dimension.

The Challenge

Dematic needed a way to communicate with its stakeholders regarding what is important for them in the area of Sustainability through undertaking a Materiality Assessment to identify what is a priority for them to set future strategic goals.

The Solution

In order to identify areas that could represent opportunities or risks for Dematic business now or in the future, CSE analyze issues in terms of their relevance for society and for the organization.

We went through the following process:

  • Reviewed best practice approaches to materiality and the approaches of Dematic peers
  • Consulted a cross-section of stakeholders from across our business to define a list of material issues and prioritize these into high, medium and low importance
  • Created draft materiality matrix
  • Identify Material Issues that included the Sustainability Report of the organization

The Benefits

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Identify Material Issues for the organization

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Creation of the company’s first sustainability report according to GRI G4 Framework

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Identification of opportunities for Sustainability Risk reduction

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