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Can MENA catch up to the rising sea level problem?

August 6, 2020
Can MENA catch up to the rising sea level problem?

2020 seems to have boarded the World on a terrifying train. The bewildering stops have compelled people to reflect and explore all possible means in order to still go through it by living the essential moments we are granted on this earth yet not neglect that proactivity at this point is key to being on a prosperous survival mode.

Climate change impact has increasingly been on the top of the concerned agenda regarding the evolution of human civilization and despite there have been sirens calling for emergency; it is still an interrogative whether it has been realized the extent of magnitude.

The journal Nature Communications has published new researches that suggest the rise of global sea levels between 20 cm and 30 cm by mid-century, extinguishing at least a dozen cities worldwide. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is one of those that will be impacted from rising sea levels, with Egypt’s second-largest city Alexandria and Basra in Iraq as the areas that are likely to face the highest threat.
Tidal waves and other violent climate patterns on different continents are some of the significant signs of global warming as pointed out by many scientists. The new study confirms that the largest vulnerable populations are concentrated in Asia.
Several areas in the MENA region and North Africa could already begin experiencing periodic floods in the coming years.

Despite Alexandria and Basra have been identified as the two most populated urban areas in the Middle East to be exposed to climbing sea levels according to the associate head of the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society at Heriot-Watt University in Dubai, Matt Smith, any transfer of population on low-lying coasts is at risk.

With the MENA Region to be at the forefront of concerns when it comes to sea-level rise and potential impact on crises such as social and political instabilities due to the population immigration, it is no question that sustainability and CSR professionals should not only be aware but also rather proactive and prepared to meet the challenges.

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