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Bigger, Cleaner, Smarter: How should Canadian energy systems go for a net zero future.

July 25, 2022
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As the Earth warms, the clock ticks down on the window of opportunity to reverse the devastating effects that climate change brings. Prompt action must be taken to appoach a net zero future.


The highest GHG-emitting industry in Canada for the decade from 2009-2019 was the gas and oil industry. It alone was responsible for 20.7% of GHG emissions in 2019

energy systems i


In the face of global volatility, Canada must make the shift from fossil fuels to cleaner energy and electricity

The Big Switch: Powering Canada’s net zero future is a recent report published by the Canadian Climate Institute. It found that with proper action, a net zero powered future is completely feasible.


For this to happen, the electricity systems in Canada must become:


  • Bigger: As demand for cleaner electricity grows, the capacity of the systems must be able to meet that demand.
  • Cleaner: Fossil fuels must not have a place in the industry. In their place should be solar, wind, nuclear and hydro power.
  • Smarter: The systems must be resilient to the effects of climate change. Flexibility must be integrated into the system innovation as demand will increase and circumstance may change.


Daily, more consumers are demanding sustainable products and services, enticing companies to make net zero pledges. Nonetheless, not all companies have the intention of achieving this goal. Alongside the pledges, greenwashing has become increasingly commonplace. To combat this, the UN has established an expert panel, led by Catherine McKenna, the former Canadian environmental minister. The goal of the panel is to ensure that credible plans are in place to meet these net zero goals.


Companies must ensure that their goals are science-backed, and that they have educated employees in the position to make changes and decisions and commit they stay on track.


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