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5 tips to master your ESG communications

May 9, 2022
5 tips to master your ESG communications

ESG is clearly one of the most radical developments in business within the last decades and it has been proven by a great number of surveys that companies with strong sustainability practices demonstrate better operational performance, meaning improved cash flows.

Also, the explosion in growing investor interest in ESG has generated more ways to engage with portfolio companies on their ESG profiles.

By CSE research team


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What’s more, Human Resources management has changed and the pandemic has highlighted the social aspect. While climate crisis, racial injustice and economic inequality are some issues being at the forefront, a commitment to ESG initiatives attracts employees more than ever before. According to Forbes, three quarters of the U.S. workforce are looking for a role with more meaningful work and a company that prioritize accountability to all stakeholders.


Effective communication is an important component of your ESG strategy. Here are five tips essential to formulate a good ESG communication plan.


Showcasing employees’ passion


Employees always shape a company’s culture. Fist, promote a sense of shared responsibility around your company’s ESG initiatives throughout your organization and then generate more content, sharing your employees’ passion through their own voices. The content can be blogs, videos, social media posts or even interviews.


Develop your brand’s voice about ESG issues


Choose the topics your company wants to communicate and constantly share your actions and opinions on them. Then, define a comprehensive approach for sharing your story. Creating a mission statement for ESG that articulates your commitment is also important.


Have consistency in your communication


Consistent communication can maintain your ESG ratings. Transparency is the base of ratings and rankings, so it’s essential to provide your progress even if you’re falling short of your goals. By prioritizing your progress, you’re showing that your company is walking towards the commitments. In case you missed one of them, make a plan to improve.


Report on metrics but think beyond earnings


Clear communication can help companies stand out from the noise. Metrics create authenticity, however, ESG initiatives should be a part of your company’s broader investment story. Investors are demanding easily accessible and transparent information with content that engages all your stakeholders.


Create an IR page  


Your ESG story should be easy to access. An IR page could be a useful tool for increasing the accuracy of the ESG information that is distributed about your company, providing context and branding that supports your story.


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