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This challenging three-day digital sustainability ESG course offered by CSE aims to give you all the latest practical tools and resources required to implement or upscale corporate sustainability, improve your ESG ratings in order to drive your initiatives to the next level by generating value and creating successful ESG and Sustainability strategies and earn the globally recognized Sustainability ESG Certificate. CSE specializes in empowering C-Suite executives and staff with certified sustainability education for Financial Sustainability and Climate Resilience.


Join C-suite executives from diverse industries in a unique, specialized sustainability course, to learn how to design effective Sustainability ESG strategies and lead the ESG Business Case for your organization. The Leadership Edition of CSE’s certified sustainability course attracts a diverse set of participants across different sectors.


The sustainability program includes 10 hours of online live sessions (via zoom) and estimated extra time of 12+ hours for sector specific webinars, case studies and final assignment submission.  Two CSE’s experienced tutors with local and international experience will lead the sustainability course including prof. Nikos Avlonas, an awarded Though leader in ESG and Sustainability with 20 years global experience in the field of Certified Sustainability Education.

February 22

10:00am – 1:30pm EST

Live Zoom Session ESG training

February 23

10:00am – 1:30pm EST

Live Zoom Session ESG training

February 26

10:00am – 1:00pm EST

Live Zoom Session ESG training

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For more than 18 years over 8.000 Managers and C-Suite Executives from Fortune 500 companies, local governments, and academia in 90 Countries have trusted CSE and our unique Certified Sustainability Education and ESG courses. CSE is proud to be leading the Sustainability transformation of companies and organizations around the world, through specialized Sustainability ESG courses.


CSE’s ESG course starts and finishes by making the business case for sustainability ESG. Successful completion of the sustainability course earns the globally recognized sustainability certificate. Course topics include global and local legislation for sustainability and GHG emissions, Carbon Reduction strategies, most widely used standards and ESG ratings, how to avoid Green and Blue Washing, Circular Economy, Sustainability Reporting based on various guidelines. CSE is accredited by CMI and CPD to provide global trainings to Sustainability professionals and is also a GRI certified global training provider and stakeholder.

What you get from the Sustainability program

Certified Learning materials and training guide by CMI and CPD

Exclusive access to recorded brief webinars on current and future Sustainability Trends by thought leaders

Practical exercises, tools and live Q&As with the tutors each day of the program.

Free access to specialized online courses for the Energy & Energy Utilities Sector, the Healthcare Products & Services Sector, and the Financial Sector

Business Networking during the live sessions and group exercises

“Practical Sustainability Strategies: How to gain a Competitive Advantage” e-book version (Wiley Publication, 2nd-Edition e-book version) written by CSE’s Lead Trainer Nikos Avlonas.

Key Modules to be Covered

  • Sustainability and ESG Concepts
  • Definitions and Interpretations of Sustainability (ESG)
  • The Business Case for Sustainability
  • Sustainability (ESG) Related Risks
  • Case Studies
  • Step by Step methodology to integrate Sustainability and maximize value creation

  • The Sustainable Development Goals for 2030
  • COP21, 2020 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)
  • Local Legislation and Regulations for GHG Emissions and Sustainability

  • The Importance of Stakeholders
  • How to Create a Strategy and Engage with the Stakeholders
  • Exercise: Identifying Organizational Stakeholders & Corporate Risks
  • Case Studies
  • Certified B Corporation
  • Sustainability Strategies and Scorecard
  • The Importance of SROI
  • Exercise: Social Impact
  • The Importance of ESG
  • CSRHub, MSCI, Dow Jones Sustainability Index
Unique Simulation Exercise Included

  • Sector Focus
  • Responsible Communication
  • Green and Cause-Related Marketing
  • How to Avoid Green & Blue Washing
  • How to Avoid SDG Washing
  • Best Practices for Communication

  • Circular Economy: Definition and Case Studies
  • Global Plastic Elimination Progress
  • Sustainability and Supply Chain
  • Standards Applied to Supply Chain
  • Carbon Reduction Strategies
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • CDP

  • Steps for Sustainability Report Creation
  • Sustainability Reporting Trends
  • Exercise: Materiality
  • External Assurance
  • Good Practices for Sustainability Report Communication
  • Case Study and Exercise: Understanding Reporting
  • Integrated Reporting & SASB
  • Return on Sustainability (RoS) Framework
  • Sustainability Trends

Do I get a Certification?

Once you complete the three-day ESG Sustainability course, you can create and submit a sustainability plan by putting in place all the practical tools you learned throughout the training, that will qualify you for the Sustainability ESG Certificate.

To be Certified you need to attend at least 60% of the Online Live Sessions of the sustainability program.

Participants Profile

Sustainability - ESG Directors/ Managers

ESG Fund Managers

CFO’s (Chief Financial Officers)

Corporate Affairs – Communications

C-Suite Executives

HR Executives

Environment Quality, Health & Safety

Investors Relations - Finance

Procurement & Supply Chain

COOs (Chief Operational Officers)

Non Governmental Organizations

What are the key challenges most professionals face in the field?

The new Sustainability ESG Practitioner Program focuses on:

The Integration of SDGs and Circular Economy into the Sustainability Plan

New Sustainability -ESG trends and legislations

How to improve stakeholder engagement

The Influence and support of C-Suite Executives into the sustainability plan.

The Role of Investors and the maximization of corporate performance in ESG ratings

How to set Ambitious ESG goals and become Net Zero

Why the ESG Sustainability Training is complementary with the GRI Certified Standards Training Course. Go for CSE’S certification package.

The GRI Course is focused on the understanding and application of the new GRI standards to the Sustainability Report

Τhe Certified Sustainability-ESG Practitioner course provides an overview of the ESG Standards, Ratings and Criteria and offers in depth information on how to create an ESG strategy (including Net Zero plan) and integrate it within different divisions and your supply chain.

Attending both courses will provide you an in depth view of ESG criteria and official certifications from the leading accreditation providers in Sustainability (GRI,CMI & CPD )

Lead Tutor & Coordinator

Lead Tutors

Nikos Avlonas

Karen Malone

Rosalinda Sanquiche

Lena Mamidakis

Thomas Weber

Takeshi Simotaya

Marina Alonistiotis

Alex Ham

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    Our Accreditations

    This training program is certified by CPD Certification Service. The course provides CPD credits for an estimated 25 hours of learning.

    Should you wish to claim CPD activity, the onus is upon you. CSE is not responsible for the claiming or validation of hours or points.

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