How does Canada comply with ESG laws and regulations?

By CSE research team   With the growing spotlight on ESG factors and the journey towards ESG measuring and disclosure, with a stress on the long-term economic and social and

EU introduces the world’s first Carbon Border Tax. Ηow global producers will be affected

By Nikos Avlonas, President of CSE   The European Commission has recently announced plans for a new carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM), or well know as Carbon Border Tax  which

Three reasons Seattle Needs Sustainability ESG Practitioners TODAY!

Seattle, consistently near the top of any list of US cities for sustainability and growth and the heart of the tech world, has some of the most progressive environmental and

What companies looking for environmental consultants should be aware of

ESG is having a fast-growing impact on the investment funds sector on a worldwide basis and COVID-19 has accelerated the change. Moreover, regulatory activity of a more stringent nature, carbon

ESG investing is on a growth trajectory; businesses act accordingly.

Numbers can rarely go wrong and that is a worth mentioned information when it comes to the sustainable funds in Canada. Although last year, ESG funds exceeded $ 3.2 billion,

Yachting industry: sustainability is moving towards marinas

Sustainable transport is recognized as one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century and the yachting industry does have a significant impact on the environment. As the popularity of