Sector Snapshot

How Sustainability applies to Consumer Durables

Based on the unique research insights, the Consumer Durables sector presents the following issues as most important for companies and organizations of the sector, according to the companies themselves and the internal and external stakeholders:

Material Issues
  • Electrification & Alternative Fuels
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Vehicle Quality & Safety
  • Carbon Footprint/Fuel Economy
  • Climate Strategy
  • Supply Chain &Responsible Sourcing
  • Accountable Governance
  • Government Regulation
  • Human Rights
  • Air Quality
  • Customer Engagement
  • Ethical Business
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Self-driving vehicles
  • Consumer preferences
  • Financial health
  • Intellectual property
  • Human Capital
  • Waste Management
  • Work Stoppages
  • Employee Relations
  • Mobility Solutions & Product Innovation
  • Employee Wellness
  • Employee Health & Safety
  • Equal Opportunities & Diversity
  • Smart technology
  • Process Chemicals
  • Environmental Management
  • Energy Use & GHG Emissions
  • Water use & management
  • Sustainable Cities & Infrastructure
  • Socio-economic contribution
  • Local Community Engagement
  • Land Use & Bio-diversity
  • Environmental Product Impact
  • Operational Waste

Our Services

ESG Reporting and Ratings Services

  • Reporting standards and guidelines
  • Materiality Assessment & Stakeholder Engagement
  • ESG Ratings improvement
  • ESG Ratings Benchmarking & Risk Assessment
  • External Assurance
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Certification & External Assurance

  • External Assurance based on AA 1000
  • Carbon Reduction Verification
  • LCA Assurance
  • GRI & SASB Assurance
  • Carbon Neutral certification
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Impact Assessment Services

  • Social Return on Investment (SROI)
  • Socio – economic impact Assessment
  • Employees engagement
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Corporate Sustainability Strategic Planning

  • Sustainability goals
  • Gap Analysis Assessment
  • Strategic and practical planning
  • Measuring of ESG progress
  • Supply Chain Mapping and Assessment
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Circular Economy & Climate Risk Services

  • LCA & EPD
  • Circular Economy & Zero Waste
  • Climate neutrality Certification & Carbon Labelling
  • Carbon Reporting


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Sector Specific Group Trainings for Organizations

  • Advanced executive education
  • Sector focus & case studies
  • Global experience
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