ESG Reporting at the center of attention during the Digital Certified Sustainability ESG Practitioner Program in October 2021, Leadership Edition

November 1, 2021

Always at the forefront of ESG trends and challenges, the Center for Sustainability (ESG) and Excellence constantly aims to stay ahead by training and growing its network of certified sustainability (ESG) practitioners. The digital program incorporates three live sessions, facilitated by global Lead Trainers, including Nikos Avlonas, Founder and President of CSE.  The course combines the best attributes of online learning with the interactive traits of live instruction and breakout sessions.


Following the unprecedented conditions of the past one year and half, CSE manages to prove its resiliency and launches the digital version of its flagship course, the Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Program, Leadership Edition. In the past week’s training program, we had participants from Canada as well as the US. Sectors included Oil & Energy, Banking, Minerals, Investment, Communications, Technology Consulting, Manufacture and Shipping.


Ideas, successes, and challenges were exchanged with Source Energy Services, International Petroleum, The Pasha Group, Q2ALS, National PR, BGIS, MAG SILVER Corp and many more. Group conversations were moved forward revealing interesting outcomes.


What resonated mostly with the group of executives was the importance of materiality and reporting and how a deeper insight is necessary so it can be applied accurately. Reference was made to ESG reporting and how data should be disclosed to become rated by the different rating agencies. What ESG frameworks are mostly applicable and what are their differences?


Supply chain, Greenwashing, investor rankings, materiality and stakeholder engagement are important components of the Center for Sustainability and Excellence, Certified Sustainability (ESG) Practitioner Program.


CSE’s successful journey in Certified ESG Education for C-suite executives is not fortuitous. We always reflect on participants’ concerns and challenges from past trainings and update future programs to meet new registrants’ needs.


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