Strategies with an impact

Organizations now implement Sustainability as a form of corporate strategy so as to ensure they achieve engagement with all stakeholder groups, while at the same time being able to monitor the strategy, measure and assess the results and renovate areas for improvement.
Our leading team of consultants and experts at CSE can help organizations build an effective and comprehensive Sustainability strategy to create an impact. We support you to integrate Sustainability strategy in the entire organization, establish responsible practices throughout your business from HR to supply chain, communicate effectively and engage with your internal and external stakeholders and assess your Sustainability performance in comparison to your competitors locally and globally.
Return on Sustainability Scorecard
Key performance indicators and goals for each Sustainability pillar
Sectoral Benchmarking
Assessment and ranking of your company’s Sustainability performance in comparison with competitive organizations in your sector locally and globally
Supply Chain Sustainability
Establishing sustainable principles for all your suppliers
Community Volunteering Framework for higher employee motivation
Design and support for volunteering activities to engage employees
SROI and Stakeholder Engagement Programs
Calculation of social value and impact for your Sustainability programs and improvement of stakeholder dialogue
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