External Verification and Assurance

With rising pressure from stakeholders and increasingly more strict global regulations around Sustainability reporting validity, accuracy and transparency issues, CSE has been offering premium services to provide external verification and assurance. Its services range from identification of material topics to meet stakeholders’ expectations and Report Assurance based on GRI and AA1000AS to External Verification is critical when publishing sustainability information or making claims.
In order to increase the credibility of Sustainability Reporting and value of an organization’s initiatives, whether these involve Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), CDP, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol or ISO26000, CSE provides external verification based on international best practices and in depth expertise.
Additionally CSE is a licensed consultant with the AA1000AS, the most widely used framework for External Verification and it has developed an independent policy for External Verification and Assurance.
CSE also provides independent assurance of GHG emissions reduction and calculation and verification of the carbon footprint of an organization’s activities.
Sustainability Report External Assurance based on AA1000AS
Assurance of the Report based on GRI and AA1000AS to increase validity, transparency and accuracy of information
Carbon Reduction Verification
Calculation and verification of carbon footprint for your company’s activities and reduction strategy.
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